One-stop Incubation Platform Based in
Singapore for Blockchain Projects
A blooming industry in Singapore, blockchain technology has brought tremendous
capitals and talents to one of Asia’s most robust financial hub. The Singapore
government has leaned favorably towards cultivating a culture of innovation,
whereas other countries are taking a more ambivalent stand on this disruptive
force. Welcoming policies from legislatorial bodies thus skyrockets Singapore’s
reputation as a cryptocurrency haven for aspiring entrepreneurs, making
Singapore the world’s third-largest Initial Coin Offering launch pad in terms of
fundraising, afterthe United States and Switzerland.
Based in Singapore, Bplus is a professional incubation platform and
community dedicated for preeminent entrepreneurship programs. Our
dedicated team offer services that cover the entire project process,
including consulting, marketing, technical support and legal compliance
services. With talents from multiple professions, Bplus is now growing
to become Asia’s leading integrated blockchain solutions provider.
One-stop Incubation Platform Based in Singapore for Blockchain Projects
  • Bplus Advisory
    Projects Legal Consulting
    Design of Legal Entity Structure
    Incorporation of Legal Entities
    Drafting of Legal Documents
    KYC/AML Services
    Security Token Offering
  • Bplus Impact
    Project Roadshow &
    Online Branding
    Community Establishment &
    Project Media Coverage &
  • Bplus Labs
    White Paper Drafting & Review
    Smart Contract Audit
    Token Listing on Top Exchanges
    Project Investment & Financing
    Incubator Settlement
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